George Wright Brewery

Since 2005 George Wright Brewery have been producing and selling a wide range of fine quality beers and ales from what is probably the most advanced microbrewery in the UK. George Wright’s is a small independent craft brewery based in Rain ford. Owned and run by award winning brewer Keith Wright the brewery produces a wide range of beers and ales available in Cask and Bottles.

The brief

George Wright Brewery required a whole new make over for their identity. Their old identity was aged and needed a lot of work doing to it. Instead of updated the old identity, we decided to recreate the whole identity from scratch that way the client will have a longer lasting identity. The client wanted something that stands out an catches their customers attention on their website, their bottles, banners and even exhibition stands. The client advised us to work with the letters “G” and “W”.

Logo design

We took the clients idea aboard and working with the specific letter “G” and “W” which stands for George Wright. We went for something bold and eye catching, we tailored a particular font that caught our eye. Combining the letters “G” and “W” with bear wheat, we created a identity that already starting to make the clients business look more modern. We kept the font style consistent throughout the logo. The colours for the logo was a crucial part of this process so we decided to go for a specific shade of yellow and brown to represent brewing for beer.