Home House Property

Home House Property aim is to become the UK’s number 1 property listing and search platform. They want their customers “home buying” journey to be as smooth and easy as possible.

The brief

Creating the Home House Property identity was a challenging experience. We worked closely with the  client to create an identity that can represent their brand for years on end. They wanted something modern, professional, clean, sharp and shows trust. The client advised us to stay away from the typical house logo that is widely used by estate agencies and use the letters from the name.

Logo design

We experimented with the letters “H” and “P” but the designs didn’t impress us at all. We experimented with the letter “H” (both lower and upper case) and also decided to do some further research on other estate agents. We decided to use blues and white for this logo to resemble the trust of the business. The final concept that we decided to present to our client represents the letter “h”, it shows the a house figure with in the letter “h”. We decided to use a font that was bold and complimented the logo icon.