Lancashire Dry Cleaners

Lancashire Dry Cleaners is a family run business in Blackburn that has been running since 1979. They are a trusted and high rated dry cleaning service that know what they are talking about when it comes to their services.

The brief

As the client were already an established company. Their next step for the company was to expand their business and introduce some new services but first they needed a new identity. They required an identity that would be recognisable to their old customer base and that would attract new customers. They wanted to highlight who they are, a dry cleaning service.

Identity design

Once the client approached us, the designs starting popping up in our heads. We headed to the drawing board and starting sketching designs related to “clothing hangers”. We wanted to keep the logo simple and recognisable for their customers. Using simple geometric shapes, we were able to create a hanger icon that could be incorporated with the typography. We decided to have the word “Lancashire” in a calligraphy font while having the words “dry cleaners” in a Sans Serif font. The client required a grey and white colour scheme for their final design.