Mohammadi Masjid Nelson

Mohammadi Masjid Nelson currently serves over three hundred Muslim families in the East Lancashire area. The Masjid has provided numerous services to the community since 1995. Numerous scholars from all over the world have visited the masjid over the years, including the Imam of Masjidul Aqsa.

Logo design

During the research phase, we thought of ideas that could represent represent mosques with out using the typical mosque imagery. We came across some wonderful mosques designed and looked deeper into how they are made and the way they are structured. We experimented with the initials M, M and N. We structured the letters in a way to resemble the structure of a mosque. We decided to use green as the main colour for the logo, 2 shades of green were mainly used with grey added for the finishing touches. The concept represents a mosque with the initials integrated into the structure of the logo.