Paradise Isle Holidays

Paradise Isle Holidays offer an around-the-clock service. They provide tailor-made holiday packages by working with trusted partners who are local experts in the hotel and travel industry to give their customers their perfect holidays.

The brief

Creating a new identity for Paradise Isle Holidays was a challenging experience. We worked closely with the  client to create an identity that can represent their brand for years on end. They wanted something modern, professional, clean, sharp and shows trust. The client advised us to stay away from the typical pinpoint logo that is widely used by travel agencies and use objects such as the sun and palm trees etc.

Logo design

During the research phase, we thought of ideas that could represent Paradise. We thought of sea, sun, birds, sand and palm trees. We experimented with these objects but the design didn’t impress us at all. Back to the drawing board we went, we had a discussion with the client and came to a conclusion that we’re going to use the letters “P and I” instead. We experimented with the letters and also decided to do some further research on birds, especially exotic birds. We decided to use 3 colours in this logo that could represent an exotic bird, which were orange, blue and grey. Combining the colours with the letters “P and I” we were able to create a modern, professional and fun logo at the same time. The concept represents a exotic bird with the orange as its beak, blue as its head and grey as its body. The letter “P” is the overall shape of the logo with the letter “I” in the negative space as a lower case.